This Idea Smells: Pizza Perfume

This Idea Smells: Pizza Perfume

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This Idea Smells: Pizza Perfume


What began as a fun Facebook post–with Pizza Hut asking fans just how much they loved the smell of a box of Pizza Hut pizza being opened–has materialized into what could be the ultimate holiday gag gift idea: Pizza Hut Perfume.

The fragrance was developed by Pizza Hut Canada, so maybe those folks up in the Great White North really do have a sense of humor. The Pizza Hut people claim the stuff smells like freshly baked, hand-tossed dough.

“When our ad team at GRIP brought the idea to us, we absolutely loved it,” says Beverley D’Cruz, Marketing and Product Development Director, Pizza Hut Canada. “What better way to celebrate our Facebook fans than by providing them with a way to enjoy the fresh smell of Pizza Hut pizza whenever they want!”

The limited edition perfume was designed to commemorate Pizza Hut Canada reaching 100,000 Facebook fans. Only 110 bottles were produced and shared with lucky Facebook fans who won a bottle by being among the first to share their desire for Pizza Hut perfume.

Hard to say whether the perfume will be available for purchase in stores anytime soon. Only time will tell, D’Cruz says.

“For now, we’ve only produced 110 bottles of Eau de Pizza Hut, but who knows what the future has in store,” says D’Cruz. “The good news is people can enjoy the great smell of fresh Pizza Hut pizza any day of the week by ordering one of our signature crust pizzas.”

Yeah, well, we knew that already. But we were hoping we could get hold of the smelly product in time for the old Secret Santa gift exchange. Oh, well, maybe next Christmas.

Or, wait…Valentine’s Day will be here soon. Come on, you Canadians, start making more!

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