Let StumbleUpon Buy You Dinner

Let StumbleUpon Buy You Dinner

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Let StumbleUpon Buy You Dinner


Use StumbleUpon to search out recipes for your next soire and StumbleUpon just might pick up the check.

Got a dinner party planned? Didn’t win the MegaMillions lotto jackpot? Well then, you should contact the content discovery engine StumbleUpon first, because they may just have an extra nice deal for you.

StumbleUpon has announced a new promotion in which it will pay for selected users’ dinner parties, provided the recipes for the gathering were found using their site. But don’t try to cheat—StumbleUpon claims it can verify whether you did this or not.

The people behind the site wanted to show that StumbleUpon can be used for practical information, not just for fun, entertainment and inspiration.

“We wanted to show how people can use StumbleUpon in more interesting ways than maybe one would think,” said Currin Berdine, StumbleUpon’s head of Community Management and User Support. “A lot of people come to StumbleUpon to look at really amazing photographs or to watch really hilarious videos. But we wanted to keep this a little bit more for real-world activities. And everybody has to eat, so we figured we’d bring people together around the dinner table.”

You can check out Berdine’s blog post, where she writes about her own StumbleUpon Dinner Party (with photos), and gives tips to fellow Stumblers on how to put a party together themselves. To find recipes, Berdine says, users should type in a desired ingredient or dish to the site’s “Explore” field to get the best results.

At this point, there’s no due date or expiration date for submissions for the promotion, so if this sounds good to you, you might as well go for it. The promo is not a random drawing kind of thing, though, so creativity and originality will likely be a plus, Berdine hints.

You can check out the complete promotion information and rules here.

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