LG Unveils the Fridge of the Future

LG Unveils the Fridge of the Future

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LG Unveils the Fridge of the Future


Get ready for the refrigerator that does just about everything for your food except cook it for you.

At the this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Korean company LG introduced its new ThinQ Smart refrigerator, a high-tech wonder that will help you with that age-old question, “what to fix for dinner tonight?”

The ThinQ has a built-in dietitian which can be programmed to keep an eye on what you’re eating—and tell you when you’ve made an unhealthy choice, offering better-for-you suggestions based on what’s stored inside.

Users can program their body mass index and weight-loss targets into the fridge, which uses its built-in smart TV and voice-recognition technology to determine who is opening the fridge door.

LG’s ThinQ can make dinner suggestions based on what’s on its shelves inside because it comes preloaded with hundreds of recipes. (Full disclosure: recipes were developed by The Food Channel.)

The futuristic fridge also has a high-speed wine chiller that can get your chardonnay from warm to cold in eight minutes (beer in just five). A camera inside the unit lets you see what’s in your smart refrigerator from your smart phone. The ThinQ can also be programmed to let you know when food items inside are about to hit their expiration date.

The refrigerator is also Smart Grid ready, so when utility companies offer Smart Grid time slots, the refrigerator can automatically readjust its temperature to take advantage of energy rates. It can also go into “night mode,” to help save electricity costs.

Remember when we said at the top of this story that this fridge does just about everything except cook the food for you? Well, turns out it can even help with that. If you have it connected to a compatible oven, the fridge can turn on the oven to the correct temperature, according to the recipe suggested.

Wow, that’s one smart appliance. You can read more about it here.

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