Multi-Party Meal Bundles Trending Hot

Multi-Party Meal Bundles Trending Hot

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Multi-Party Meal Bundles Trending Hot


The marketing strategy of offering multi-person bundled meal deals seems to be spreading. Applebee’s and TGI Friday’s have been doing it for some time now with their 2 for $20 offers, but the multi-person meal tactic has now spread to the fast food segment.

Burger King, in a neck-and-neck fight with Wendy’s to maintain its number two burger chain spot behind McDonald’s, has introduced BK Bundle meals (originally called BK Family Bundle). Using the tag line “Great taste to go around,” the $9.99 three-person meal includes a Whopper, Whopper Jr., 10 Chicken Tenders, three small fries and drinks.

The chain also offers a new “Breakfast for Two” bundle with two Croissan’wiches and two small hash browns with two small coffees or fountain drinks for $5.99.

Other big players employing the bundling strategy include—

  • Pizza Hut. Its Big Dinner Box has a medium pizza, wings and bread sticks.
  • Taco Bell has been marketing its Taco 12-pack as the perfect thing to bring to the party.
  • KFC has been promoting heavily its Sauceless Hot Wings as a party bring-along. Of course its bucket of chicken has long been positioned as the meal solution for busy families.
  • Steak ‘n Shake recently joined the trend with a Family 4 Pack deal that offers any four of its Under $4 Meals plus any four regular Classic Milk Shakes for $19.99 (with coupon).

It seems if you want a good deal these days, it’s best to bring your family or friends along.

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