VOTE NOW in our Pitch Place Contest

VOTE NOW in our Pitch Place Contest

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VOTE NOW in our Pitch Place Contest


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It’s time to vote – our Food Channel executive, creative and culinary staff have made their choices from all of the entries to our Pitch Place contest, and now we’re turning it over to our Facebook fans. The top five contestants’ videos can be found on our Facebook page; judging runs through February 8.

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In this contest, people were invited to videotape a two-minute show concept, telling us what kind of show they would do for “We ran the Pitch Place contest because of the number of requests we had from people who wanted to tell us their show idea,” said Kay Logsdon, Food Channel Editor in Chief. “Doing WebTV is a great way to get your foot in the door and build an audience, and we decided it was time to give a few people that chance.”

The top five picks, with a little insight into why our judges put them at the top, are below, in no particular order (we liked them all):

  • Celeb Cooking with Caitlin – This show looks into the top food secrets of celebrities, often creating recipes around their favorite foods. Our judges thought it was a great way to dish!
  • Chat n’ Dish – Our judges thought this was a great show for because it gives “shout outs” to food bloggers, who are a big part of our audience. It’s a show with a nice mix of social media, so check it out.
  • Cooking LIVE with Chef Andy – Our site users love to see behind the scenes, particularly at restaurants, and that’s what Chef Andy promises. A real chef, real restaurant . . . we thought it could be really interesting.
  • Fresh Beginnings – This show is taped in a beautiful Bed and Breakfast in a tropical setting, and the first recipe gives you a tip for . . . well, you’ll just have to see it. Our judges loved the beauty and have already volunteered to check it out in person!
  • Going Gluten Free – The Food Channel is all about being on trend, and this topic is high, high on our list. We liked the idea and the execution, so go watch and see if you do, too.

That’s right, now it’s your turn. Now that the final contestants have been chosen, it’s up to the Food Channel fans to choose the final winner. The voting will take place on The Food Channel® Facebook page ( and the fans have until February 8 to vote for their favorite entry.

The winner of the Pitch Place contest will receive a Coby Kyros 10” Android-powered tablet and air time on The Food Channel® homepage ( The winner’s story will also be highlighted in a website feature.

We threw out the first pitch—now it’s yours to return!


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