It's National Oatmeal Month

It's National Oatmeal Month

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It's National Oatmeal Month


January is National Oatmeal Month—seems only fitting to celebrate it with the indulgences of the holidays still fresh in our minds (and other body parts). The New Year is here; time to get back to the basics, and oatmeal is one of the most simple, basic and nutritious foods you can eat.

In recognition of National Oatmeal Month, here are some oatmealy thoughts courtesy of Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods. 

1.    Oat Couture – Food carts and breakfast spots from Portland to Manhattan are reinventing the comforting breakfast classic with creative twists and unexpected ingredients that are making oatmeal chic. And twice now a team of oatmeal enthusiasts from Bob’s Red Mill have trekked halfway across the globe to Scotland to compete in the World Porridge Making Championship, preparing oats-centric recipes like Oregon Orchard Oat Brulee and Bob’s Savory Oat Fritters – an oaty version of the classic Italian street food arrancini.

2.    Train with Grain – There’s a national sub-culture growing around the sport of cyclocross– a combination of mountain biking, road biking and BMX racing that’s all mud and fun to its devoted racers and fans. It’s a high-endurance, high-aerobic sport that requires a tremendous amount of energy from its competitors. And whole grains, especially steel cut oats, are providing just the right amount of slow-release carbs that racers need (and crave!) on race day – and while training to compete.

3.    Keep it Simple – Bob’s Red Mill founder Bob Moore (photo, right) eats a bowl of warm cereal almost every day – maybe that’s one of the secrets to his boundless energy and passion for the company he is still actively involved with every day. For the rest of us here are some strategies to keep it simple and delicious:

  • Try preparing oats in a rice cooker or slow cooker the night before to make the process easy and convenient
  • Add frozen berries to the bottom of a bowl then top it off with warm oats which will defrost and warm the fruit
  • Or follow Bob’s example and stick with toppings of flaxseed meal, brown sugar (just a little bit!), bananas, walnuts and milk.

(Click here to see a video of Bob keepin’ it simple with oatmeal)


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