New Flavors Make For Attention-Getting Chips

New Flavors Make For Attention-Getting Chips

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New Flavors Make For Attention-Getting Chips


Lay's dill pickleThe new flavors from Lay’s are, to say the least, interesting. They are the kind of thing you find at a convenience store while on a trip, and buy to spice up the long drive. For that, they are perfect.

They would also be great conversation starters at a party, and, if you really want to stretch it, you could set out a flight of chips.

In fact, as I carried the first one out to the car during a recent road trip, it piqued everyone’s attention like none of the other items selected.

“Ooh, open those,” I heard. And, “Really? They make potato chips in that flavor?”

So, with that said, we’ve now tasted the Dill Pickle flavor, the Limon, and the latest—Classic BLT. Of the three, the Lime and Dill Pickle are truest to taste, and actually quite good, assuming you like pickles or lime. The BLT aren’t quite as dead on. They have more of a BBQ flavor, which perhaps makes sense, giving the hints of pork and tomato.

You can also get Sweet Onion and a host of other flavors.

Bottom line is, they are potato chips, and Lay’s does a good job of creating a chip that makes you want another taste. And, after all, aren’t they the original, “Bet You Can’t Eat Just One” people?

If nothing else, the new flavor options can at least start a conversation.

Bet you’ll have more than one.

This is not a paid endorsement. It’s just a fun product that we thought we’d share!


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