New Italian Cooking Show Premieres Soon

New Italian Cooking Show Premieres Soon

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New Italian Cooking Show Premieres Soon


Stay tuned for an exciting new cooking show coming to The Food Channel. “Faces of Italy,” featuring Chef Kevin Marshall and hosted by Janine and Morgan (photo, above), is a 22-minute video program that shows you how to make such classic Italian dishes as Chicken Marsala, Pasta Primavera, and Fried Ravioli—as well as unexpected and fun fusions like Italian Tacos.

Chef Kevin, a native Floridian with an incredible passion for cooking, started his career behind the counter of a fast food restaurant and honed his culinary skills with further studies at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu. He prepares dishes that are easy to prepare, with phenomenal flavor, and fit a family budget.

Kevin, assisted by Janine or Morgan, takes you through each delicious recipe, step by step, and they have a lot of fun along the way, so you’ll have a chance to add some wonderful family-style Italian dishes to your recipe repertoire.

We think you’re really going to love this hot new show.

 Keep your eye on The Food Channel home page for Faces of Italy, coming soon!


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