Join Us For Taste of Tuscany: a Food Channel trip

Join Us For Taste of Tuscany: a Food Channel trip

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Join Us For Taste of Tuscany: a Food Channel trip


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The Food Channel presents: Taste of Tuscany

Have you dreamed of traveling to Italy–and in those dreams, it’s the food that is front and center?

Have you thought about what it would be like to take a cooking class in Tuscany, or wander the market for the freshest ingredients? How about a little wine tasting while relaxing in the vineyard, or going right to the source for some amazing cheese?

If your mouth is watering, and your mind is wandering the back kitchens of Italy, this trip is for you.

The Food Channel is making a tour available to a limited number of people, believing that intimate dinners and leisurely tastings are part of the experience. You have the opportunity to come with us on a tour that will create a lifetime of memories, complete with hands on cooking, tasting, sipping, and sightseeing!

What food lover hasn’t wanted to explore the food delights of Tuscany? Imagine tasting the cheeses, olive oils, and salames right where they are made! You’ll taste Tuscan and Italian wines and learn about their origins. You’ll enjoy a hands-on cooking class, lunch in a vineyard, and time at a gorgeous Italian villa. All meals and food tours are included, because this is a tour designed for you. Travel with The Food Channel and immerse yourself in the culture and food of Tuscany for six full days of tastings and tours. Sign up for the July trip by April 15!

Just Click Taste of Tuscany for details and registration information.

And, to see a video showing past trips, click to see A Sample of Tuscany. Note that locations may change dependent on each trip’s schedule, but you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of the beauty of Tuscany and just a “taste” of what could be in store!


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