New Search Engine for Restaurants Launched

New Search Engine for Restaurants Launched

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New Search Engine for Restaurants Launched


One search on Twitter for “Restaurant Websites” reveals the widespread frustration people have with restaurant websites.  

“Why are restaurant websites so universally frustrating?,” Sue Apfelbaum asks in a Twitter tweet. “I hate it when restaurant websites don’t have their open times easy to find. Even worse when they can’t be found at all,” chimes in, @docsconz.  Then @brettbobley sums it up with, “Restaurant websites are their own crazy-a**ed genre of the internet.”

It’s no wonder people react so negatively to poorly design restaurant websites.  The Pew Research Center released a study showing that the Internet is the number one source people turn to for information about local restaurants. Yet many restaurant websites fail to satisfy the needs of their visitors, which could potentially cost them customers.

Professional web designer, Brian Casel, says “The most common problems we see with restaurant websites are Flash-based sites that are difficult to navigate, food menus in PDF format (a big no-no), and lack of a mobile website.”  He goes on to say “The challenge restaurant owners face is they often don’t have the budget to hire an experienced web designer, so they’re left with an outdated website that does more harm than good.”

It was this dilemma that led Casel to launch Restaurant Engine, a website design solution built specifically for restaurants.

What separates Restaurant Engine from other DIY web design solutions is its focus on quality craftsmanship.  “We collaborate with some of the most talented web designers in the industry (who normally charge thousands for a custom website design) to give our customers a level of quality that creates more credibility for their business on the web.” says Casel.

The service is built entirely on WordPress, which gives restaurant owners the ability to manage every aspect of their site themselves, without the need to hire a developer to make routine updates.  With Restaurant Engine, visitors are less likely to be presented with outdated or inaccurate information.

Mobile websites are particularly important for restaurants, since their customers are typically on the go when searching for a place to dine.  Websites created by Restaurant Engine adapt and scale to fit any device they’re viewed on — from mobile smartphones like iPhones and Android devices to tablets like the iPad.  

Restaurant Engine, based out of Norwalk, Connecticut, serves restaurants and consultants all over the world.  For more information, you can visit


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