Giving Back By Going Halfsies

Giving Back By Going Halfsies

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Giving Back By Going Halfsies


With the large portions frequently dished out in U.S. restaurants, diners are often given the option of taking home the leftovers in “doggie bags.” Lots of times that extra food is simply left on the plate and thrown away. In fact, about 40 percent of all food in the U.S. is wasted. That’s a shameful statistic.

A new concept, called “Halfsies,” limits the amount of food you’re served, and uses the extra money to help fight hunger—and reduce waste.

With Halfsies, instead of bagging up the leftovers or tossing them out, the remaining value in the dish is put to better use. What the participating restaurants don’t put on the table, they donate as cash to groups working for causes including hunger and homelessness.

The founders of Halfsies are four friends from Austin, Texas. They are working to launch the program in Austin this spring. The organization is currently signing up restaurants all over the city, and is hoping to bring the program to Brooklyn, N.Y., later this year.

Halfsies donations are split into three categories: Local, Global, and the Halfsies Fund. Sixty percent of donations go to institutions helping with local issues, such as food insecurity, food rescue and waste diversion, and homelessness. The global portion makes up 30% of total donations, which helps orphans and vulnerable children eat well. The last 10% of donated funds goes into the Halfsies fund, which covers the administrative and operating costs of Halfsies.

Halfsies provides healthier meal portions for patrons, reduces waste, and supports global nutrition. By offering this option, Halfsies gives restaurant-goers the choice to make a change in their own diets, as well as create change in the community and the world.

For more information, you can visit the Halfsies website. Halfsies is currently looking for volunteers, donations, and sponsorships.

Here’s a video from the folks at Halfsies, promoting their cause.

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