Non-Stick Coating Gets Ketchup Out of the Bottle

Non-Stick Coating Gets Ketchup Out of the Bottle

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Non-Stick Coating Gets Ketchup Out of the Bottle


It’s always kind of irritating when you can’t get those last few bits of ketchup or mayo out of the bottle. Now multiply that by the millions (billions?) of bottled condiments purchased around the world, and you realize the amount of food that goes to waste, trapped in those bottles.

A team of problem-solvers at MIT believes it has an answer to this vexing problem. This intrepid group of mechanical engineers and nano-technologists from the Varanasi Research Group worked in an MIT lab for two months creating a breakthrough product called LiquiGlide. It’s a super slippery coating made of nontoxic materials that can be used with a variety of food packaging so that we’ll be able get every last glob of ketchup, mustard, mayo, etc. out of the bottle.

No longer will it be necessary to pound on that bottle of Heinz waiting in vain for the last of the tomatoey stuff to dribble out. And, hey, you’ll be sending a clean bottle to the recycling center with no need to rinse it out.

MIT PhD candidate Dave Smith was the team’s leader. He talked with about the impact this new coating could have on the food industry. “It’s funny,” Smith said, “Everyone is always like, ‘Why bottles? What’s the big deal?’ But then you tell them the market for bottles–just the sauces alone is a $17 billion market. And if all those bottles had our coating, we estimate that we could save about one million tons of food from being thrown out every year.”

 LiquiGlide works with lots of different types of packaging—including both glass and plastic—and it lets the food just slide right out, with no pounding, shaking, or scraping of the container.

Smith is now in talks with a number of bottle companies in hopes of marketing LiquiGlide.

You can watch this video demonstration to see for yourself what the future may hold for ketchup lovers, and for those who believe in waste-not-want-not.

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