Pringles Promotion Pumps Up the Jams

Pringles Promotion Pumps Up the Jams

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Pringles Promotion Pumps Up the Jams


Ready to turn your Pringles can into a music machine?

The makers of Pringles snack crisps, has teamed up with Perez Hilton, celerity blogger and avid music lover, to give consumers another reason to stock up on the stackable snack—and to hang on to their cans. 

From now through Oct. 31, 2012, consumers can send in the original receipt from any four traditional-sized Pringles cans to receive a free Pringles Speaker by mail.

The portable Pringles Speaker fits on top of an empty, traditional-sized Pringles can and attaches to an iPod or any personal MP3 player or similar music device to create the “Pringles Speaker Can.”  The acoustics of the empty can amplifies the music, providing quality sound and bass anywhere, anytime.   

“During the summer, I love to hike and stay active and what’s better than hanging out in the park with friends and family,” says Perez Hilton, the Pringles brand’s Official Summer Ambassador.  “The Pringles Speaker Can is a perfect way to share my favorite summer songs and stay on track with my favorite up-and-coming musicians.”

The Pringles Speaker Can offers a convenient, portable way to share music with friends when you don’t have traditional speakers handy, when you’re hanging out on the beach, camping or picnicking.

“Summer is all about enjoying the warm weather and sharing fun times with friends and family,” said Sam Minardi, Pringles Brand Manager.  “With the Pringles Speaker Can, consumers can enjoy Pringles crisps and then reuse the empty can to amplify their favorite summer music wherever they go.”

We’ve tried out the Pringles Speaker here at The Food Channel, and it works pretty well. While the sound you’ll get is not exactly BOSE quality, it does offer an inexpensive option for those times when you want to take off those headphones and pump up the jams with friends.

For more info or to download the free Pringles Speaker Can redemption form, you can visit the brand’s promo website


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