A Recipe for Fun with Gosling's Rum

A Recipe for Fun with Gosling's Rum

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A Recipe for Fun with Gosling's Rum


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Here’s a recipe for you: take a family steeped in wine and spirits, and add rum. What do you get? Gosling’s Rum, a Bermuda-based company that traces its roots in that country back to 1806. That’s when James Gosling, the oldest son of William Gosling, wine and spirits merchant, set out from England on the ship, Mercury, with £10,000 of merchandise, bound for America.

The fact that the winds didn’t cooperate meant that they, instead, landed in Bermuda. That’s where, years later, the first oak barrels of rum distillate arrived in Bermuda. Gosling’s Bermuda Rum is now Bermuda’s largest export.

The family still runs the company, and pays homage to their heritage through the character of Ambrose Gosling, brother of James and the one who carried on and developed the Gosling’s Rum business in Bermuda.

You can see the fun–and meet Malcolm, a member of the seventh generation of the family and President of Gosling’s Export Limited. Oh, and you’ll meet “Ambrose,” too, so watch the video and enjoy the making of the Dark ‘n Stormy®, the National Drink of Bermuda, as well as the Autumn Martini, perfect for the Fall holidays.

Video shot courtesy of the Smith & Wollensky Back Bay Castle in Boston.



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