Sushi Gets Supersized

Sushi Gets Supersized

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Sushi Gets Supersized


Looks like the super-sizing trend America is famous for has made its way to Japan. Over there, they call it “Nagoya sized.”

The city of Nagoya, in Aichi Prefecture, isn’t nearly as crowded as Tokyo, and the automotive city’s streets are wide and expansive.  The many cafes along the roads there have become notorious for dishing up sumo-sized sushi.

The trend has begun to spread to nearby towns in the prefecture. In the city of of Anjo, a restaurant called Umewaka has gained a similar reputation for serving mondo-sized sushi. The eatery’s super-sized anago (conger eel) sushi features whole eel fillets rather than the small slices that are typically found in normal-sized rolls.

In fact, giant-sized food in general has become increasingly popular in Japan, but the restaurants there still have a ways to go to catch up to the U.S. in this category.

Speaking of…

There’s a restaurant in Portland, Ore., that goes by the name of Super Size Sushi, which seems to be getting good notices on yelp and other review sites. When it comes to humongous portions, the USA is not about to be outdone.

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