Urban Hen Trend Brings an Egg-stravaganza

Urban Hen Trend Brings an Egg-stravaganza

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Urban Hen Trend Brings an Egg-stravaganza


We reported a while back on the recession-driven trend of urbanites and suburbanites introducing chickens into the neighborhood. We’re here to bring you an update on the movement.

To put it succinctly, the backyard hen trend is still clucking along. More cities today allow citizens to raise chickens–within limits—and it’s going strong despite, or perhaps because of, the rather tepid economic recovery.

For the most part, those who have taken on backyard birds aren’t squawking about it.

As one city chicken enthusiast told writer Julia Moskin in a New York Times article, when your chicken coop really gets to laying, the supply of eggs quickly turns into an “I Love Lucy”-style conveyor belt scene. Four-egg omelet, anyone?

Coupled with the recent government guidelines that lessened concerns over eggs’ cholesterol levels, the incredible edible egg is enjoying a remarkable comeback these days.

There are no hard numbers on how many people keep chickens, Moskin says, but hatcheries report a boom in business in the last five years.

The local food movement is playing a part in the resurgence, too, as small local farmers have expanded their produce operations by adding poultry. Farm-fresh eggs are now all over the menu in restaurants nationwide. At farmers markets locally-raised brown eggs are plentiful and people are snapping them up by the dozen.

No doubt this past weekend there were lots of eggs in hues of pink, green, blue and yellow being hunted down by children in front and backyards left by the Easter Bunny. Chances are pretty good Mr. Bunny may have sourced those eggs from right next door—or even closer.

That bunny is so trendy.

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