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First Family Snacking

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First Family Snacking


Were they healthy? Were they healthier than last year?

Not sure about the first; but I would wager that the answer to the second question is Yes. That’s because this year the Obama family did not host their big Super Bowl Party that was becoming somewhat of a tradition—with more emphasis on politics than football.

ABC News reported  that “After three consecutive years of playing host to dozens of members of Congress, cabinet secretaries and Hollywood stars to watch the big game, the President, Mrs. Obama and their daughters have decided to go low-key.” The first lady shared the following with Rachel Ray:

“We’ll probably watch it at home. It’ll probably be a quiet Super Bowl this year,” She also told Ray that the family will likely watch the game over a plate of nachos and a side of guacamole, their favorite Super Bowl snacks.

Sounds like a step in the right direction compared to last year. The Chicago Sun Times reported in a 2-10-11 article “the first lady defended the high-calorie White House Super Bowl menu, which included brats, kielbasa, cheeseburgers and deep-dish pizza.”

So how healthy does the First Lady eat? We all know that she has made fighting obesity and improving school lunch programs two of her top priorities, and she has made a great deal of progress. But she continues to come up short when telling us exactly how we should eat to be healthy.

She often talks about “balance” and not turning people off by implying that a healthy diet must be “all or nothing.” We agree that an “all or nothing” approach doesn’t fly for many people, so we’ve built a lot of flexibility into our 4Leaf Healthy Eating Program.

We have also made it very clear exactly what constitutes an optimal diet—one maximizes the percent of your calories from whole, plant-based foods. The flexibility in our program is all about the choice of what level is right for you.

When Michelle talks about serving nachos, some people may simply conclude that nachos must be healthy. They may say, “Michelle is my health guru, if she eats nachos, then it must be okay for me.” Want some real clear—yet flexible—guidelines on healthy eating? Want to learn how to take charge of your own health?  Take advantage of all the free information at

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