Watermelon Hospitality

Watermelon and Cookies, fresh from the farm!

Watermelon Hospitality

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Watermelon Hospitality


Some of our Food Channel crew has been spending a lot of time on the farm lately, working on a farm-to-table documentary. In the process, we’ve encountered a lot of hospitality. And there is nothing like down-on-the-farm hospitality!

We’ve shared pork tenderloins with all the trimmings in a tailgate lunch with the farmer and his workers.

We’ve had boxes lunches, and muffins, and cold drinks delivered to us, and we’ve sat down at the farmhouse table over a dinner prepared by the busy farmer’s wife

Most recently we sat down at a picnic table while the farmer’s mother brought out tall glasses of tea and water, a plate of cookies–including homemade chocolate chip and black walnut ones, and a huge tray of watermelon.

That’s the one that stopped us in our tracks. Because there is nothing like cold watermelon when you’ve been working in the outdoor heat, breathing in dusty farmland, and swatting at flies. These were big chunks with hardly any seeds, chock full of sweet flavor. The juice was heavenly on our parched throats, and the taste took us all back to picnic lunches from our childhood.

We’ve been working with the Florida Department of Agriculture to bring you some great information about watermelon, including some tips on how to choose a good one. There is really no better farm to table story than the one you get, sitting at a picnic table, munching on farm fresh fruit.

Now, please pass the watermelon. It’s been a dusty day.


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