What Women Really Want: Ice Cream

What Women Really Want: Ice Cream

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What Women Really Want: Ice Cream


Women are one of the greatest mysteries on Earth, right? Men, marketers and advertisers all will probably agree on that. (Especially men.)

Now, raw data from social media has been put to use to shed some light on the subject—to open a window into the desires of women (and men).

By analyzing the mentions of women and men’s wants online, social intelligence company, NetBase, claims to have solved the age old questions, “What do women want?” and “Are men and women really from different planets?”

One thing became clear in its analysis of social media mentions: both men and women are really passionate about food.

Netbase was able to identify women and men’s top 10 wants over an entire year (27 billion sound bites!), which you can view in the accompanying infographic.

NetBase also identified women’s and men’s favorite brands. Here are some of the more interesting findings:

  • Men and women do want many of the same things: 70% overlap and 80% of those wants are food
  • Women are more passionate and more prevalent on Facebook
  • Men are more talkative and more prevalent on Twitter
  • What do women want most? ICE CREAM
    • Most loved brand: Starbucks
    • Most buzzed brand: Dairy Queen
    • Most loved chocolate flavor: Nutella
  • What do men want most? CARS
    • Most loved brand: Ford
    • Most buzzed brand: Ford
    • Only car model in top 10 car wants: Mustang

    Some of the more surprising findings:

    • Dairy Queen scores 4 times higher than Ben & Jerry’s on the Women’s Wants list
    • The top 3 wants listed for men and women are the same…only in different order
    • Chocolate is right up there in the #4 position for women, but doesn’t make the top ten for men
    • Beer comes in at #4 for guys, but doesn’t crack the top ten for gals (Okay, that’s not really too surprising. Most women aren’t big beer drinkers.)
    • Keep scrolling down for more highlights from this fascinating social media gender analysis.

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