Your Face on a Chocolate Bar

Your Face on a Chocolate Bar

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Your Face on a Chocolate Bar


We’ve all heard the phrase “feeding your face,” as one way to describe the act of eating. Now you have the opportunity to feed your face to someone else—or to yourself for that matter—in the form of a chocolate bar with your photo on it.

They’re called Cocoagraphs…artisan chocolate bars that can be printed with edible Polaroid-style photographs, logos or other images of your choosing. According to the company’s website, jpegs, scans and smart phone photos all will work well. Instagram and Hipstamatic photos are particularly well-suited to Cocoagraph’s square chocolate bars, the site says.

The Cocoagraph Chocolate Photograph Co. offers these chocolate picture bars in a choice of white, dark, organic dark, or milk chocolate. The company uses ethical sourcing and manufacturing practices, it says, to ensure superior flavor and quality.

We recently reported about another chocolate bar company that lets you put your message on a custom-printed chocolate bar wrapper, but we’ve got to say, this kind of tops that, don’t you think?

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