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Not all steaks are created equal. Or roasts. Or ribs. If the menu or label reads Certified Angus Beef you can rest assured that the meat is held to a higher standard–and traceable from gate to plate.

Since 1978 the Wooster, Ohio brand has hung its hat on ten quality standards that include marbling, consistent sizing and maturity. The tried and true process now has a modern facility to educate and inspire. The Certified Angus Beef Education and Culinary Center is dedicated to helping retail, restaurant and chef partners get a hands-on history, educational and culinary experience.

Opened in February 2012, the 7,000 square foot facility boasts a prep and demo kitchen, meat fabrication area, meeting rooms, a bar and patio, and seating area that can accommodate and feed up to 100 guests.

In May, 2013 the center hosted food journalists and editors from Food Channel, Better Homes and Gardens, Taste of Home and Midwest Living for in-depth lessons in meat science, cutting, tasting and its first-ever public cooking class. Invited guests sipped wines and enjoyed Sirloin Flap Empanadas and Carpaccio, Crab, Melon & Tomatillo appetizers. The main course, prepared by corporate Chef Michael Ollier, was Grilled Flat Iron with Arugula and Red Chimichurri, followed by Grilled Strip Filet with Mushrooms and Asparagus Risotto. A Meyer Lemon Tart with Grilled Fruit accompanied by Troutman Vineyards Ice Wine finished off the delicious, and entertaining evening.



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