A Cooking Prodigy: Flynn McGarry

A Cooking Prodigy: Flynn McGarry

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A Cooking Prodigy: Flynn McGarry


At just 14 years of age, this creative lad has already accomplished more than many chefs around the world who are two and three times his age!

Flynn McGarry, known as a cooking prodigy, started cooking at age 11. He claims to have started cooking because he didn’t like the food his mother, Meg McGarry, cooked. Somehow I suspect she’s OK with that now! In the years since has run a pop-up restaurant and caught the attention of restaurateurs as well as patrons. His mom even transformed his bedroom into a working kitchen.

And now this schoolboy has gotten the chance to head the kitchen at Beverly Hills’ BierBeisl restaurant with a 12-course meal for 40 people. The event, which goes for $160 a head, includes a sunchoke confit with dehydrated grapefruit followed by smoked sturgeon and beef with wild mushrooms, celery root, black vinegar and coffee.  And I thought teenagers were picky eaters!

As someone who loves to cook, but is not quite that ambitious (or young), I salute this young man. He is apparently truly gifted and one to watch in the upcoming years.



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