A Deathly Sweet Halloween

Pumpkin Sunflower Seed Brittle with Vanilla and Pepper

A Deathly Sweet Halloween

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A Deathly Sweet Halloween


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When it comes to Halloween, The Food Channel staff takes goulish delight in getting ready. It means dusting off the cobwebs, so to speak, and pulling out all of the great decorations and recipes. This year we noticed the huge interest in vintage Halloween items–you know, those ones that we used to call “tacky,” and now call “amazing”! Some are from the 1920s, when Halloween was a great mix of sheer fun and sheer fright. And some are from as recently as the 1960s. We pay tribute to a time when Halloween was less about characters and more about those traditional themes of witches, black cats, and pumpkins.

We combined the vintage with some of the newer decorative and baking items available, including the great skull cake mold and punch bowl set from Williams-Sonoma. So, take a look in the attic and see what you may have, then decorate for Halloween any way you want! The real key is to fill those fun things with great food, so try some of our dessert suggestions to make it a decadently, diabolically, deathly good Halloween!

See links to our recipes from this series, below.

Caramel Candy Apples dressed to kill with twigs from an apple tree. Half sprinkled with sea salt for a salted caramel apple, and half dipped in fresh pecans for enticing caramel nut flavors—choose quickly before the goblins eat them up!

A traditional white cake in this Skull Cake mold makes a great centerpiece to your Halloween dessert spread. It’s been meticulously frosted and then sprinkled with sanding sugar to give it that “fresh out of the grave” look—but with a fresh out of the oven delicious flavor!

Bob for apples like never before with this Bourbon for Apples Punch!

Caramel popcorn balls never tasted this good—these have bacon and peanut butter M&Ms mixed in with the caramel!

Death by Chocolate Halloween Brownie Coffins. Forget the cliché—this is death by chocolate as never seen before! These brownies have three kinds of chocolate poured into coffin-shaped brownie molds and then drizzled with even more chocolate.

Sugar Cookie Bones sprinkled with a little cinnamon sugar. Easy to make with a simple sugar cookie recipe and seasonal molds—or use refrigerated dough and make it super easy to scare the kids with a few bones left lying around!

Pumpkin Sunflower Seed Brittle with Vanilla and Pepper. Take traditional peanut brittle and send it to the seedy side of life for Halloween!


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