Holy Crap, it's Breakfast

Holy Crap, it's Breakfast

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Holy Crap, it's Breakfast


Holy Crap Cereal


Need more fiber to help jump-start your morning constitutional?

Holy Crap, have we found a breakfast for you.

Holy Crap cereal is a certified organic, gluten-free import from the rural community of Gibsons, outside Vancouver, British Columbia. Founders Corin and Brian Mullins started the artisan cereal in 2009 as an effort to address Brian’s food allergies.

Loaded with ingredients like organic chia, hemp hearts, buckwheat and fruit, the cereal began with a milder moniker: Hapi Food. According to the company’s website, when a customer at a local farmer’s market took a taste and exclaimed, “Holy crap, this is amazing,” the couple changed the product name and sales jumped 1000%.

The shiny, 8-ounce bag with the catchy name was a hit at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics when buyers at the Mullins’ international market kiosk came back for more cereal online. That same year an appearance on the CBC show Dragons’ Den generated $1million in online sales. The site claims that in 2012 Holy Crap rocketed to the stratosphere as a food option for Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield on the International Space Station. Now in over 2,000 health food and grocery stores Holy Crap appears to be gaining interest from athletes, dieters, people with celiac disease and others with food sensitivities.

We haven’t tried the cereal yet but—Holy Crap—with a name like that it’s worth ordering some just to say you’ve tried it!



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