An Open Letter to Paula Deen

An Open Letter to Paula Deen

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An Open Letter to Paula Deen


Dear Ms. Deen:

Wow, have you got some fans.

They’ve been e-mailing, calling, posting on Facebook, and talking to each other. They are banding together in droves, creating a support page on Facebook and posting their opinions everywhere. Including on our pages at The Food Channel®.

Bottom line is these loyal fans you’ve created don’t want you to go away. They want to continue to see you, and they are being pretty innovative in how that can happen.

We imagine you are working through your options right now, and that you’ve heard from a lot of people suggesting you bring your fan base with you to The Food Channel. We’re here if you want to talk.

Because we just want us all to get back to talking about food. Enjoying food. Fixing it, sharing it, enjoying it. That’s what we’re about, and it’s obviously what your fans are about.

Time for the next course!

The Food Channel

Did you come to voice your opinion about Paula Deen? We’re glad to hear it–just post your comment below. But you should be aware that The Food Channel® is not the company that has worked with Ms. Deen. That’s the Food Network.

If you want to write to the Food Network, here is the address. Reportedly, phone calls are not getting through, but the Facebook page in support of Ms. Deen also had that number, provided below.

The Home of the Food Network

75 Ninth Avenue

New York, NY  10011

There is a special phone number specifically for voicing your support for Paula Deen at the Food Network. You may leave a voice mail or speak with a representative. You will have to wait if you want to speak with a person. (865)-560-3663

If you want to write directly to Paula Deen or suggest she come to The Food Channel, use this address:


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