Shrove Tuesday Brings Out the Doughnuts

Shrove Tuesday Brings Out the Doughnuts

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Shrove Tuesday Brings Out the Doughnuts


A doughnut by any other name is still one of the hottest food trends going for 2013. Some are heralding it as the replacement for the firmly-entrenched cupcake. This week, though, we see dough balls taking the main stage.

This is the week when the doughnut, under all of its guises, gets trotted out, as people all over celebrate Shrove Tuesday

OK, so technically it’s not about doughnuts. Shrove Tuesday is when you, symbolically or otherwise, clean out your cupboards and get rid of all the food you won’t be eating during the 40 days of Lent. For some, it’s Pancake Day, for others it’s Fat Tuesday.

For me, it will always be Fasnacht Day. My years in Lancaster County, PA introduced me to the powdery, wonderful doughnuts that went on sale just days before Lent. An excuse to eat something fattening! After all, tomorrow you die(t), right?

We had Fasnachts, tied to the German heritage of that part of the country. Others have Pączki, more tied to the Polish among us. Then there are the Krapfens, and the Berliners, and the Kinglings—and probably many other dough balls that help use up the flour, lard, and sugar that are generally staples of an old-time kitchen.

However you celebrate, whether it’s with Fasnacht’s, pancakes, or just plain ol’ doughnuts, enjoy the rest of today. Because tomorrow marks the start of Lent. Whether you personally observe it from a religious standpoint or not, people all around you may be working hard on their personal self-control.

Oh, and you might catch up on Facebook tonight, too. Word has it that some people are opting to give up some of their social media addictions instead of food.

Now excuse me while I go hunt down that blueberry filled Paczki someone brought into The Food Channel kitchens.



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