Apple Pancakes, Anyone?

Apple Pancakes, Anyone?

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Apple Pancakes, Anyone?


Sometimes we just have to share! At The Food Channel kitchens, we make and serve a lot of food, all of it delicious and usually fairly cutting edge when it comes to culinary experimentation. At the same time, some of the ideas are so simple you think, “Why didn’t I think of that?” This morning’s breakfast is one of those times. Our own Chef Judy sliced fresh Honeycrisp apples into beautiful “rounds”, skin on, placed them carefully in the center of poured pancake batter, and cooked them up. The result was an apple pancake with a slight caramelization and crispiness that just isn’t found in an everyday pancake!

We captured this picture of the end of the platter, after we’d already covered the rest with blueberries, syrup, and a side of bacon. Try it the next time you are making pancakes for just that little bit of “wow” factor.

Now, we’ll just have to see what’s for lunch.


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