Appreciating the Simple Solace of Tea

Appreciating the Simple Solace of Tea

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Appreciating the Simple Solace of Tea


Some stories just tug at your heart. When I met Rachel Crawford and Crystal Tenpenny, founders of Teamotions, at a food show earlier this year, I had to drink some of their tea just to hide how moved I was.

After all, it wasn’t easy—no matter how many times she has told the story—for Rachel to talk about the death of her twin daughters just days after they were born in 2008. It wasn’t easy to see her face, or to conjure up thoughts of my own precious children and wonder how I would cope. And, it can’t have been easy to turn the grief into something that would bring solace to others.

That—that idea of solace—is the big factor in what Rachel and Crystal have tried to create with their company. It’s not about tea, although they have created a really nice product. It’s really more about taking a step back, taking care of your body and your emotions, recognizing your needs, and then stepping forward to meet those needs.

I, personally, was drawn to “Achieve Clarity” just because there are days when so many conflicting priorities hit me that I need a little clarity (OK, make that a lot). I was also interested because of a dear friend whose husband died recently, wondering if the tea would help her heal, if only because giving it would help her know how much I care. Rachel and Crystal advised starting her on “Discover Joy,” which they formulated specifically to combat the effects of grief, with hints of lemon, vanilla and green tea.

One of my favorites has become “Enjoy Rest,” which is an apple cinnomon chamomile concoction that really does help me unwind. And “Have Hope” is a fruity mix of citrus and strawberry. Wherever you start, there are days just made for tea. Check them out, and know that there is always more to the story.



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