Bring Out the Pumpkin!

Bring Out the Pumpkin!

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Bring Out the Pumpkin!


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Pumpkins are cropping up around the country, like these found in south central Missouri. But it’s not just the real deal that is reminding people that it’s almost Fall. It’s the fact that pumpkin flavor seems to have taken over every food and beverage chain in major markets.

Culver’s has introduced its pumpkin frozen custard in certain areas with four flavors—plain pumpkin, pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin pecan, and pumpkin salted caramel. Its competitor, Andy’s Frozen Custard, has a Pumpkin Pie Concrete that is vanilla custard blended with fresh baked pumpkin pie, which is also available in a take home quart. Or go to Orange Leaf and try the Pumpkin Pie or the Caramel Apple frozen yogurt. Pinkberry has a pumpkin flavored frozen yogurt. Dairy Queen is in the mix, too, with the Pumpkin Pie Blizzard and other seasonal pumpkin items.

Starbucks and Caribou Coffee have put their versions of a pumpkin latte back on the board, and we hear McDonald’s is experimenting with one as well.

Krispy Kreme has rolled out a new Pumpkin Cheesecake doughnut, described as a “combination of cheesecake and pumpkin flavors in a smooth filling, topped with cream cheese icing and a gingersnap cookie crumble,” not to mention the return of pumpkin spice doughnuts and latte. Dunkin’ Donuts has pumpkin doughnuts and Munchkin doughnut holes, plus a pumpkin cream cheese to go with its bagels and a Frozen Pumpkin Coffee Coolatta® if you didn’t get enough pumpkin in the other items. Speaking of bagels, Einstein Bros. has its own double-whipped sweet pumpkin cream cheese, meant to be paired with pumpkin and pumpkin walnut crunch bagels, pumpkin cream cheese bagel poppers and pumpkin muffins. Don’t leave without your frozen pumpkin latte and a pumpkin scone to go.

Something called Pumpkin Pleasers is on the menu at Juice It Up!, and Southern Tier Brewing is offering Pumking, a seasonal craft beer. Schlafly Beer has its Pumpkin Ale, too.

Red Robin is offering its Spiced Pumpkin Pie Shake, made with Libby’s® pumpkin pie filling, vanilla soft serve, nutmeg and graham cracker crumbs. It’s billed as the perfect accompaniment to its Oktoberfest Bürger. If The Cheesecake Factory is more to your liking, try the Pumpkin Pecan Cheesecake on your next visit.

No matter where you choose, chances are good you’ll find pumpkin on a menu somewhere. If you’re a fan, just keep in mind that seasonal means it’s here today . . . but usually gone by the end of the year. In which case you may need to make your own. You can start with our recipe for a great Pumpkin Cheesecake!

It’s the season to indulge. The choice is yours.


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