Vegetarian, by Alice Hart

Vegetarian, by Alice Hart

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Vegetarian, by Alice Hart


If you thought vegetarian cooking was bland–dare we say, boring–think again.

Although she captured the tastebuds of many in her previous title, Alice’s Cookbook, London chef Alice Hart has done it again—she’s brought vegetarian cooking to life. In her new cookbook, Vegetarian, Hart presents readers with a compilation of masterful creations that are both practical and easy to replicate.

This cookbook is proof that by utilizing the many flavors and vibrant colors of fruits and vegetables, the everyday cook can create artistic, delicious, and healthy dishes for the entire family. Whether you are looking for a delightful vegetarian dish for your next family gathering, practicing vegetarianism, or perhaps striving to minimize meat consumption in your everyday diet, “Vegetarian” is the book for you.

Recipes include everything from refreshing vegetarian breakfast and brunch dishes to fancy feasts, providing ideas for every occasion. Whether you are in need of a hearty bowl of almond milk and maple oatmeal on a cold winter morning, or perhaps pumpkin and spinach rotolo with sage butter and Japanese eggplant with miso for that evening dinner party you are hosting, these recipes will not disappoint.

Although the book focuses primarily on dishes of many kinds, Hart also provides basic recipes that encourage the use of fresh ingredients and the application of the “homemade” concept. By illustrating how to make items such as yogurt, tofu, pesto, and balsamic vinaigrette, readers can learn how to cook in a healthy organic manner.

Beyond her own dishes and creations, Hart has included special recipes contributed by leading culinary chefs such as Rowley Leigh, Stephane Reynaud, and Skye Gyngell.




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