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Vidalia Onions


Love the sweet, summery taste of Vidalia Onions? You aren’t alone. These Georgia treasures are trademarked and very particular to the Georgia soil, so be sure to take advantage of the season and cook a few while you can.

More and more local markets are carrying them–although a little trip through Georgia to pick them up in person is never a bad idea. You can often find cookbooks, salad dressings and other great Vidalia ideas at the same time.

There are recipes at the Vidalia Onion site, but there’s nothing easier than baking one with a mix of the spices you like. The one pictured here has a little Worcestershire Sauce, a little Dijon mustard, and was baked until tender. Here’s how it was described:

It has a dollop of butter, a dollop of Dijon, some crumbled Bacon and a smidge of grated cheddar to hold all of it together, along with salt and pepper and Worcestershire. Wrap in foil so you pinch the top so it does not interfere with the toppings. Cook on 350 for about an hour when you have four going together. Serve, pouring the au juis back over the center. They can also cook on the grill on the side when grilling out. Just a little treat from a true Georgia Boy living in the MidWest!

You can also microwave–and one of the simplest techniques is to add a little butter and a single beef bouillon cube to the top of a peeled onion, microwave for 1-2 minutes, and eat steaming hot!

You can slice and grill, chop and use in a dip, or use on a sandwich–but whatever you do, get yours before the summer’s over.


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