Ask the Chef: How to Choose a Pineapple

Ask the Chef: How to Choose a Pineapple

Ask the Chef

Ask the Chef: How to Choose a Pineapple


The following question came into The Food Channel.


The food markets where I live in Florida are filled with pineapples right now at a great price. How and what is the best way to pick a pineapple for immediate eating? Some of them are green, some are golden and some are a combination of both . . . some have a little mildew outside at the core on the bottom. How do I tell which is best? Can you advise?

–Thank you.


Our chefs suggest that you look for a pineapple that looks fresh, with green leaves and a firm, plump body. The size of the pineapple is no indication of taste, nor is the color of the outer shell. A small amount of mold on the bottom at the core is normal and, according to USDA standards, does not impact the fruit as long as it is not covered more than 25%. While you are at it, check out some of our delicious pineapple recipes such as the Ambrosia pictured. Hope that helps!

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