Food Channel Find: Bean Essentials

Food Channel Find: Bean Essentials

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Food Channel Find: Bean Essentials


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When it comes to longevity in foodservice, be sure to include a company that has been around since 1924: Hanover Foods. Still locally owned and operated in Hanover, Pennsylvania, the company has been a leader in the growing, processing, and packaging of an amazing variety of food items including a great new line of frozen “Bean Essentials” that we’ve chosen to highlight as a great Food Channel “find”! 

Although the company is the largest independently owned food processor in the eastern United States, they still manage to keep the home consumer in mind when creating their products. We’ve experimented with the line, which includes beans in sauce, such as Tuscan White Beans, Caribbean Black Beans and Southwestern Pinto Beans, as well as non-sauced black beans, kidney beans, northern beans, garbanzo beans and more. Our chefs and culinary experts tasted a variety of the beans and prepared two videos to show you how to incorporate this excellent source of fiber into your diet!

See our :90 Seconds in the Kitchen using Fiesta Black Bean Essentials and our new Paired Up! featuring Tuscan White Bean Essentials for the results.

Beans are also zero trans fat, good source of iron, and are naturally gluten free. For more, check out recipes at Bean Essentials.  


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