As Serious as a Peek Frean

As Serious as a Peek Frean

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As Serious as a Peek Frean


Are you a fan of Scorpion, the new show on CBS where a team of geniuses solve crimes? If so, you may be among the many left scratching their heads over the cookie mentioned in a recent episode. It was the subject of a few Twitter questions, so we decided to hunt it down.

The cookie in question is a Peek Frean. While it was repeated throughout the show, it came out sounding like “Pig Freaks” each time—at least to some of us. Turns out that a Peek Frean is a cookie from the UK, where it’s more commonly called a “biscuit.” You can find out more from our friends at Wikipedia.

And if you want the jingle, which was part of the running joke on the show (this is a serious cookie, folks), check YouTube.

Now you know what it means when you say, “Serious as a Peek Frean.”


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