Thanksgiving Small Plate Party

Thanksgiving Small Plate Party

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Thanksgiving Small Plate Party


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Do you ever feel like the Thanksgiving extravaganza is just too much? Perhaps your family has downsized with kids growing up, moving out, getting married. Or you simply don’t want to handle the heavy turkey, not to mention the leftovers. We love Thanksgiving and all of its delicious traditions, but have also watched as America trends toward the smaller, more elegant occasion, too.

That made our culinary crew put their heads together and come up with a Small Plate Party specifically for Thanksgiving this year! It’s appetizer-sized versions of a lot of the traditional goodies, and we think you’ll find that they adapt just fine to any size celebration. After all, individual portions are great for serving, whether you have a couple or a crowd.

Start with the Fall Harvest Sangria, a delicious beverage full of the flavors of fall.

Move on to the Sweet and Savory Rosemary Toasted Walnuts, served right on the drinks table with a selection of harvest fruits.

On the appetizer table–which could easily be your main dish table–you’ll find that Turkey and Cranberry sliders take center stage, next to the traditional green bean casserole that has been interpreted into bundles wrapped with bacon. The potato dish becomes a scalloped potato skewer, layered with several kinds of cheese and loads of flavor. And the salad course takes the shape of lettuce wraps! 

No Thanksgiving is complete without sweet potatoes, and our version shows them whipped with maple, topped with streusel, and served in individual ramekins. The Butternut Squash takes a new form, too, on a tasty flatbread with a little blue cheese on top to make a side dish pizza.

Don’t forget the pumpkin pie, which is brilliantly conceived as individual servings of the tasty filling, topped with a pie pastry cut into leaf shapes and baked–just enough “crust” to make it pie, without all the worry of a traditional pumpkin pie.

It’s everything you love for the holiday in a new form, perfect for a pre-Thanksgiving party, or as a substitute on the day itself . . . leaving more time for family, football, and fun.

Here are the links to the recipes:

Maple Sweet Potato Gratins

Yukon Gold Scalloped Potato Bites

Roasted Butternut Squash and Sage Flatbread

Mini Turkey and Cranberry Sandwiches on Artisan Sea Salt and Thyme Rolls

Pumpkin Pie Tartlets

Celery Parmesan Salad with Radicchio Cups

Bacon Bundled Green Beans

Rustic Fig and Cranberry Spritz Cookies

Fall Harvest Sangria


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