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Brownies With Benefits

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Brownies With Benefits


A little brownie doesn’t go really far, but when it’s laced with hemp the inclination is to take a puff . . . er, bite . . . and pass it around.

We had the opportunity thanks to Auntie Dolores’ Gourmet Chocolate Brownie Bites. These little bits of brownie are billed as “a vegan, low-glycemic and low caloric edible infused with 50 mg of cannabidiol — a non-psychoactive compound found in hemp that has promising applications for health and wellness.”

The company’s release goes on to say that, “The Brownie Bite promotes moderate dosing and a healthy lifestyle that may bring some patients relief from symptoms of ailments like anxiety and chronic pain. Because the brownies contain CBD and not THC, they are legal across the US and do not give the user a high feeling like traditional marijuana edibles.”

Yes, we ate it. The conclusion: the brownie had a pleasant but slightly bitter taste, which could be attributed to the dark chocolate, or perhaps the coconut oil. It was crumbly but still moist. We can’t speak to any health benefits on the small amount sampled, but if it doesn’t really give you good feelings, the laughter and discussion made us all a little lighter.

As Brownies with Benefits go, it’s good. Maybe even addictive . . .

Julianna Carella is the founder of Auntie Dolores, and a self-descried proponent of “health freedom, a visionary, and an activist in the MMJ  community.” Her Auntie Dolores gourmet edibles are sold in more than 250 dispensaries throughout California, and the CBD brownie is only available online through the company’s website. Her Treatibles CBD pet products are sold all over the country in pet stores and direct through the companies website.

This story is part of our 2016 food trends report, available by clicking here.



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