Celebrate National Hot Dog Month with a Coney!

Celebrate National Hot Dog Month with a Coney!

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Celebrate National Hot Dog Month with a Coney!


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Coney Dogs topped six ways to Sunday

We Americans love our hot dogs. We even designate the month of July to observe National Hot Dog Month (which the dog grudgingly shares with National Ice Cream Month). This year we suggest you salute the good old American Hot Dog by enjoying a classic Coney Dog.

We have a recipe for an outrageously tasty Coney Dog Sauce—check it out to find out the surprising secret ingredient that makes the sauce so delicious. We’ve got six suggestions for additional toppings that turn your Coney Dog Dinner into a real party!

A bit of Coney Dog trivia

In some places, the Coney Dog is referred to as a or ‘Coney Island Hot Dog’ or just a ‘Coney Island.’ But there’s little evidence that the sandwich has anything to do with the amusement park in New York.

It seems the Coney Dog has its origins in the state of Michigan. Lafayette Coney Island and American Coney Island, both of Detroit, claim to have invented it, as does Todoroff’s of Jackson, Mich. Coney Dogs are also especially popular in Cincinnati, where they are typically topped with famous Cincinnati-style chili, shredded cheese and onions.

In Michigan at least, Coney Dogs are usually offered with a choice of two types of sauce, Flint style or Detroit style. The Flint style has more of a dry chili sauce texture, while the Detroit is a bit more soupy and flavored with cumin.

Our sauce recipe is more the Flint style. Enjoy it and…

Happy Hot Dog Month!

Now here are some other hot dog recipes you may want to try, inspired by weiners that are served in some Major League Baseball parks.

Chicago Style Hot Dogs

Milwaukee Brats with Smoky Stadium Sauce

Cincinnati Chili Cheese Coney

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