Countdown to Cookies: Expand Your Horizons

Golden Pistachio Pockets with saffron, pistachios and honey

Countdown to Cookies: Expand Your Horizons

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Countdown to Cookies: Expand Your Horizons


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Each year The Food Channel creates its Countdown to Christmas Cookies, bringing you some new choices for your holiday baking. Our recipes are chosen by our team of chefs and culinary artists after extensive research and discussion. This year they all agreed—it was time to move beyond the traditional cookie and “expand your horizons!”

That’s why our cookie selections are completely outside the ordinary. Of course, we have recipes for chocolate chip cookies, and pinwheels, and mint bars and more (just search “cookie” in our search bar and you’ll see!). But where else are you going to find a cookie series that includes pandan, cardamon, Oxaca chocolate, pistachios, matcha, and other on-trend ingredients! All of our recipes are ethnically-inspired and pretty unusual. Choose one or two and add them to your cookie baking this season and see how your family and guests react. If it’s like the tasters in our kitchens, it will be with oohs, ahs, and yums!

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Here are our new recipes for you to try and enjoy.

Coconut Pandan Cookies

Cardamom Shortbread Snowflakes

Golden Pistachio Pockets

Oxaca Chocolate Sandwiches

Matcha Madeleines

Christmas Wine Linzers

Quinoa Almond Cranberry Holiday Bars

Maple Bourbon Blondie Bars

Hungarian Clove Poppy Seed Twirls

Triple Nut Cookies with almond flour, pecans and walnuts

Chocolate Cookie Bread Kranskekake

Chocolate Chunk Cinnamon Espresso Cookies



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