Easy & Elegant Easter Brunch

Easy & Elegant Easter Brunch

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Easy & Elegant Easter Brunch


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Easter is April 5th This Year.

We’ve got tasty ideas for a lovely Easter Brunch! Easter is April 5 this year–so get ready! Our philosophy at The Food Channel is, let the side dishes share the spotlight.

Your family will love our sensational sides. Try any or all of these recipes.

Just Heat Up the Ham.

It’s hard to beat a spiral-sliced ham as a main dish, so our Easter Brunch menu starts there. You can get one of these premium hams at a Honey Baked Ham store, but spiral-sliced hams are also available at most any grocery store this time of year. Most of them come with a packet of glaze and simple instructions for applying it before baking. These hams are fully cooked, so they require very little time or effort beyond the glazing—if you care to do that.

Instead, we recommend putting your focus on the sides, to make them shine.

Perfect Those “Side” Effects.

Take, for example, our recipe for Citrus Butter. You certainly could put ordinary butter or margarine on the table and no one would complain. But take just a few minutes to whip up some incredible citrus butter to slather on fresh-baked popovers or rolls and wait for the accolades to coming rolling in.

The beauty of the Mushroom-Spinach Strada is that you can make it the day before if you’d like, then pop it in the oven about an hour before you’re ready to serve it. That helps make Easter morning go a little more peacefully.

The Orange-Roasted Asparagus offers another great opportunity to delight family and friends. Its simple three-step recipe calls for ingredients you probably already have on hand.

And our Cheesy Stuffed Tomatoes add color, flavor and texture to your Easter table.

Happy Easter from all of us at The Food Channel.


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