Easter Breakfast Celebration

Easter Breakfast Celebration

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Easter Breakfast Celebration


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For Christians, Easter is a time to rejoice. Lent is over, and for many, it’s the end of 40 days of self-sacrifice. Some may have given up meat, sweets or other food indulgences, and Easter marks the day they can bring some of those little foodie pleasures back to their plates.

Our Easter breakfast menu will not have you sacrificing family time to spend hours slaving away in the kitchen. We’re keeping things simple, so you have time to enjoy the springtime holiday.

Our recipe for Breakfast Ham with Red-Eye Gravy is a variation of the classic Southern favorite. The recipe puts the ham drippings to good use, calling for a teaspoon of coffee grounds as a special seasoning. Those who don’t love coffee need not fear, the flavor is subtle—and delicious.

Scrambled Eggs with Sour Cream makes a splendid partner for the breakfast ham. With this recipe, your eggs will turn out rich and fluffy—just be sure to serve them nice and hot. A great general tip is to warm your dinner plates in the oven for 30 seconds or so, so they won’t put a chill on your hot food.

Fresh is best

A refreshing and rewarding side dish that makes your breakfast spread special is our Breakfast Fruit Cocktail made with luscious fresh fruit. It’s a sweet way to welcome spring and get your servings of fruit. You’ll never want to settle for canned fruit cocktail again.

Another wonderful side dish, homemade Cherry-Pecan Bread, will add a festive touch to the breakfast table, especially if you prepare it using a pretty, decorative mold. Moist and flavorful, with the added crunch of pecans, you’ll be wanting to serve this more than just on special occasions.

Toast and jam may seem rather ordinary, until you taste this Cinnamon-Blueberry Jam. It’s got a real “wow” factor going for it. You may want to make enough to give some out as gifts—it’s that good.

Well, that’s it. A simple but special breakfast everyone will enjoy. Leaving you plenty of time to find those Easter eggs the Bunny scattered around your backyard in the wee hours of the night.

Happy Easter from all of us at The Food Channel.


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