How to Make a Great Quiche

How to Make a Great Quiche

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How to Make a Great Quiche


The following question came into The Food Channel.


Can you tell me, please, the perfect ratio of eggs to cream for a great quiche? Thank you for your time–need this for a very special person who is ill.


Tastes vary so there’s not necessarily a “perfect” ratio. However, we find that when the ratio is off, the quiche can get too thick, even rubbery. Rule of thumb is one egg for every 1/2 cup of milk or cream. Depending on the size of your pie pan, you can do as many as five eggs and 2 1/2 cups cream. You can also add more milk without adding another egg, to a point. One of our favorites uses just 3 eggs and 2 cups of milk or cream (we usually split the difference and use half and half).

Here’s an easy quiche recipe:

Bake one pie shell and reserve.
Mix together:
1 cup shredded Swiss cheese (or Emmenthaler or Gruyere)
2 T. flour
2 cups cooked meat of choice (bacon or ham recommended)
2 cup whole milk, half & half, or cream
3 eggs
salt and ground pepper to taste
1Ž4 cup chopped onion
Pour into shell and bake at 35 minutes or until set. May need to cover edges of crust to prevent over-browning.

Or, click here for our Quiche Lorraine recipe.

Hope this helps!

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