Mystery Recipes Solved!

Mystery Recipes Solved!

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Mystery Recipes Solved!


What is it about food that draws you? Is it the tastes, smells, beautiful plating and design? Or is it that food allows you a way to connect with your family and friends?

That’s why we are enjoying the new Hallmark Movie & Mysteries channel, because they’ve chosen some fun culinary mysteries to bring to life—giving us a new way to connect through entertainment and recreating things previously only imagined.

Check out the new series Murder She Baked and the recipes and videos from JoAnne Fluke’s books that we recreated to go along with it.

Chocolate Chip Crunch Cookie, plus the demonstration video.

Pecan Chews

Lovely Lemon Bar Cookies

We’re also enjoying the Gourmet Detective series, with this movie called, “A Healthy Place to Die.” We created a recipe to go along with the first in this series, too!

Victimless Omelette and the demonstration video.

Watch along with us for the second one in that series, which tells the story of Henry Ross, a chef and culinary expert who keeps getting drawn into high drama. In the first movie in the series, Henry meets San Francisco police detective Maggie Price and together they solve a complicated murder set in a high-end restaurant. In this second movie, they team up again at a luxury resort, where Henry is a guest presenter at a gourmet food conference and Maggie is a reluctant vacationer.

Where else can you find food, charm, intrique and more food? Check it out on the new Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel. We’ll be cooking right along with them trying to solve the murder AND figure out how to cook like Henry does!

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