National Donut Day

National Donut Day

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National Donut Day


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It’s National Donut Day, which means time for a little fun in The Food Channel Culinary Center. We made homemade donuts–plain and chocolate cake donuts–and have the recipe for you, too!

It’s what we’re calling the Perfect Cake Donut, and you can top it with anything you want. You can also talk about donuts like an expert. For example, why are donuts so popular? We’ve tracked this national interest and it’s simply an undying appreciation for a portable pastry that is completely versatile. You can top them with icing, add sprinkles, dip in nuts or coconut, add candy or cereal, glaze, anything you can imagine. In fact, the donut is often called the quintessential American treat, and easy to pick up a dozen or two for a crowd.

Here’s a little donut history–with credit to the Smithsonian:

  • The donut may originally have been made as a way to store pastry for a long voyage
  • Some say that the doughnut hole originated when cooks put hazelnuts or walnuts in the center, where the dough didn’t cook all the way through when frying them–you have to admit, that sort of makes sense!
  • There are also tales of a ship’s captain claiming he created the donut hole so he could skewer it onto his ship’s wheel when he needed to use both hands
  • Donuts really caught on in World War I, when volunteers served them as something easy to carry to the front lines.
  • The first doughnut machine was in about 1920, in New York—and it was as much entertainment as it was treat . . . kind of like today, where we drew a crowd in our culinary center as we cut out the donuts and dropped them into the oil

Here’s the link to our easy recipe.

Listen to our fun podcast about National Donut Day!

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Bottom line – it’s hard to find a bad donut. Whether it’s national donut day or not, indulge in your favorite.



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