New Show in Our Spring Line Up

New Show in Our Spring Line Up

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New Show in Our Spring Line Up


Responding to the need for simple explanations of daily kitchen terms, The Food Channel is producing and distributing a new program called Kitchen Lingo. The show is systematically taking routine kitchen terms, along with some that are more sophisticated, and offering a 40-second demonstration with a First Person point of view.

Food Channel Chef Cari Martens and Producer Lance Mellenbruch are behind the concept. “We know that we throw around terms that not every beginning cook knows,” said Martens, “and figured it was time we broke it down and made an easy video series that would give everyone a tutorial—no matter how accomplished a cook they may be.”

The series airs on as well as on several distribution partners of The Food Channel, meaning it will be available to users of Roku as well as available on the soon-to-be-released Food Channel app. Kitchen Lingo is one of several new shows that has launched on, including Marten’s signature show, :90 Seconds in the Kitchen. Other shows include Chat ‘n Dish, Rush Hour Recipes, and Veggie Chest.

The Food Channel has focused in recent years on positioning itself in the quickly moving world of video and digital production, with the goal of moving beyond a recipe and blog site and into a more video-centric experience. Bob Noble, Food Channel CEO, explains, “We have spent time learning the new landscape and adapting our business strategy in order to be ready for the next wave of entertainment.”

The Food Channel operates out of offices and Culinary Center in Springfield, MO and offices in New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles. The company produces original online series and aggregates other food content including feature articles, chef-tested recipes, chef profiles, 4-star food photography, reviews and food-event coverage. For additional food news, trends, recipes, and reviews, visit


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