Bronco Blue Buckle Vs Panther Silver Pie

Bronco Blue Buckle Vs Panther Silver Pie

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Bronco Blue Buckle Vs Panther Silver Pie


Desserts have their place, and it’s definitely as part of a football party line-up! That’s right, while you are guzzling wings, BBQ, and pizza, you are still looking forward to that amazing ending—the dessert. You can easily forget the score when you can even things up by choosing one of these great end-of-game treats.

So, for the Denver Bronco fans, who are sporting orange and navy, we’ve made a deep blueberry buckle and dubbed it the Bronco Blue Buckle. Bite into a luscious mix of fresh fruit and pie crust, and you may forget to watch the commercials!

And, for the Carolina Panthers fans, we’ve dipped into the nostalgia pool and found one of those “grandmother’s recipes” from the Depression Era, called a Silver Pie. It’s the perfect choice to  honor the team colors of black, blue and silver, and a perfect citrusy blend in a chocolate crumbly crust. How will you ever choose?



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