Food Channel Fork Becomes a Pokéstop

Food Channel Fork Becomes a Pokéstop

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Food Channel Fork Becomes a Pokéstop


Who knew monsters that have been loitering in the background for the past 20 years could come back with strength and new skills?

If you’ve followed the recent rise of the Pokémon Go app you understand the allure. The game combines a view of the digital world with actual interaction with the real world, as seen by Google Maps. It’s getting lauded for getting Pokémon-nostalgic Millennials and others outside to walk around and hunt Pokémon—the app actually requires movement to meet certain goals.

Among the Pokéstops (essentially refueling stations) is our own Food Channel, featuring #worldslargestfork—our 35-foot sculpture that stands outside our Culinary Center. To get in on the fun, we’re even planning to make and giveaway Pokéball cookies (and, yes, we’ll update the story with photos!).

Our fork, which stands 35 feet tall and weighs 11 tons (concrete footing included), has been featured on various sculpture maps and websites such as Roadside America. That site says, “there’s nothing to eat here,” referring to the salad-like greenery planted at it’s base—but, now you know all you have to do is step inside to the Culinary Center and, although it’s not a restaurant, you may at least be able to see what’s cooking while we produce videos, shows, and great digital content about food!

The fork was originally built in 1988 as an attraction for Greenhouse Market, a restaurant enterprise built by Bob Noble, owner of an advertising agency, Noble, that has a practice in food. It has been moved twice since then: once to the center of the development where the Food Channel Culinary Center was built, serving as a literal “fork in the road,” and then to the front of the Food Channel building in 2000 both to protect it and to draw people to the exciting things happening inside. The Food Channel is about ‘big food ideas’ and the fork symbolizes what the Food Channel is all about.

It’s made of polished stainless steel, and makes for a fun stop along your way, particularly if you are a food fan. If you do stop by, be sure to hashtag your photo with #worldslargestfork. We are beginning to accumulate those and just may work you into a future Food Channel feature!

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For our Pokéball cookie icing recipe, click here.



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