Magical Beasts & Where To Find The Freemium Cookbook Content

Magical Beasts & Where To Find The Freemium Cookbook Content

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Magical Beasts & Where To Find The Freemium Cookbook Content


This weekend many of us waltzed into our local movie theaters and watched Magical Beasts & Where to Find Them come to life on the big screen. Once again we were brought into the magical world of Harry Potter, with our imaginations running wild with the different types of magical creatures with the beauty of magic. This Harry Potter movie was something particularly special if you’re food obsessed. It’s almost as if it is a magical lure reeling our imaginations into being enveloped by the delicious food ideas coming forth from the big screen, and then placing a spell on our hungry appetites that no simple handful of popcorn or hot dog could cure!

Throughout the movie, beautiful pastries pop out of suitcases, wonderful and scrumptious potatoes and carrots are boiled and seasoned to perfection in midair, and can a simple wave a wand, well, does magic. Talk about a Thanksgiving timesaver! It may leave you ready to sample one of their delicious pastries or wizardly magical meals. If so, fortune is on your side! Not only can you the purchase the The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook by Dinah Bucholz to make these delicious recipes come to life, but we also have special insider knowledge where you can receive The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook Presents – A Fantastic Beasts & Treats Freemium, which is an extension of the original cookbook that is completely free!

By clicking the link above, you have access to the freemium download on Dropbox which includes a free menu based on the movie AND a special video of Dinah’s mouthwatering egg nog recipe. From Jelly Worms to Sugar Mice, your taste buds will thank you for the delicious creations that come to life. These spellbinding recipes can be created by no-majs (non-magical users), presumably like you, to mystify your guests at your next holiday feast!  

Don’t have access to Dropbox? You can also find it on Youtube here. 


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