Nostalgia Trend Hits the Pop-Tart World

Nostalgia Trend Hits the Pop-Tart World

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Nostalgia Trend Hits the Pop-Tart World


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The Food Channel enjoys sampling some of the latest items found on consumer shelves, and something fun always captures our attention. That’s why we had a crowd gather when it came to tasting the latest Pop-Tarts.

They are the company’s first-ever beverage-inspired flavors: Frosted Crush Orange and Frosted A&W Root Beer. The words alone brought a rush of nostalgia to many of our tasters—the ones who grew up with parents who doled out soda in small doses and wanted to make sure the flavor mattered.

Our favorite between the two was definitely the Frosted Crush Orange, which had a bright flavor completely reminiscent of the original Orange Crush. That’s not to say we didn’t enjoy the Root Beer flavor, which also did a good job of recreating the A&W flavor. It was simply that there was little to criticize (assuming you weren’t a food snob, of course) and the tasting came down to a matter of which was the favorite of the two.

The new Pop-Tarts are available in stores now, so check them out. Don’t try to choose . . . just buy both and do your own taste test!


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