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When a food lover takes only one photo during a lengthy meal at the restaurant, you know that person was more immersed in the food experience than anything else. The flavor of the food, the good conversation, the constant flow that doesn’t need to be recorded to be memorable.

That’s why you’ll only find one photo from our experience at The Twisted Olive, a unique restaurant tucked away on ten acres in Green, Ohio. The full experience, made seamless by a personable and well-trained wait staff, hit just the right note, complete with flavors and menu items worth bringing into the conversation.

For starters, we were entranced with the Smashed Meatballs served over garlic toast. Picture steaming meatballs, offered in Classic Beef, Greek Chicken, or Vegetarian (made with Eggplant) smashed on top of hot toast and covered with sauce and cheese. The Crispy Brussels Sprouts—in a world gone mad for the vegetable—were so good that people were vying for the final bites of Brussels sprouts, pancetta, truffle honey and Parmesan.

The salads were fresh and on trend, with additions like dried figs, candied pistachios, Boursin cheese, and other out-of-the ordinary enhancements. As for entrees, we could have gone for Osso Bucco or Filet Mignon, but it just felt right to try the Housemade Rustic Pizza—the Chicken Mediterranean, to be exact. It was full of artichokes, tomato, Kalamata olives, onion, spinach, Feta, Provolone, crushed red pepper, garlic, oregano and a splash of EVOO. Word of advice—split with a friend. They also have other pizza varieties, including a Create Your Own, and pastas.

By the time we’d ingested all this we were still teased with desserts, and that’s when we slowed down enough to take the single photo of the housemade ice cream sandwich. They also had a hot-out-of-the-oven cookie that came on the cookie sheet and was the ultimate shareable, and a skillet berry cobbler that apparently wasn’t—because no one offered to share theirs!

The Twisted Olive Italian American Kitchen borders federally-protected land and has the views to prove it. Rumor has it they’ll be adding features to make the ten acres into an event space themed as a “family-oriented getaway” with additional dining, too. Given the way they have developed this first restaurant, odds are good they’ll do it right.




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