Pringles Ringle Challenge

Pringles Ringle Challenge

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Pringles Ringle Challenge


Have you seen the newest viral sensation online? (No, not this one.) At first, it looks easy enough—building a vertical ring of Pringles. You layer Pringles together using their iconic curved shape, leveraging one after another until you’re defying gravity in a feat of culinary engineering.

Thanks to Pringles and the eager enthusiasm of a few Food Channel employees, we were able to do our own “ringle” challenge! We used a 360-degree camera to get a full panoramic view of all of us making the attempt so you could watch all of us fail … and some of us succeed! Some completed the viral challenge with ease, finishing within the first 10 minutes. Others (like me) couldn’t even get past the initial bridge and base stage that sets the foundation for the ring of chips. Through our trial and errors, we arrived at the same conclusion: We were having an immense amount of fun playing with our food. You can actually watch us attempting the challenge in the video below (note: be sure to move the arrows to take advantage of the full view around the table).



This begs the question: Why do adults enjoy playing with their food?

It’s not just the Pringles ringle. We’ve seen examples of people crafting adorable animal creatures with everyday snacks at home, icing their own cupcake purchases at a cake shop and even attending a preschool for adults!

We’ve written before about enabling childhood for adults. Millennials are still not ready to fully grow up, but they don’t necessarily see this as a bad thing. As a Millennial, I can say that we take all the nostalgia we have for our favorite snacks, such as Pringles, and then pair that nostalgia with the experiences we’ve had as adults. Consider our nostalgia an ingredient for the final product of fun. Rather than choosing between childhood and adulthood, we’ve found ways to have the best of both worlds and, as a result, made some beautiful and amazing things.

Take time to revisit your childhood snacks, television shows and more. Be inspired by the childish wonder that still lives inside you, and apply it with grownup knowledge to create interesting and beautiful things. We’d love to see what you come up with!




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